The Maypole Manual Music CD

No Maypole is complete without music! With 14 tracks the Maypole Manual Music CD supports The Maypole Manual that has pictures and diagrams of 19 dances and features Maypole history, inclusion, links to the wider curriculum, music for musicians to play and much more. A genuine teaching resource!     £12.00 & £3.75 UK Delivery


Joanna by The Bismarcks

Here’s a bunch of jolly dance tunes on melodeon, fiddle and piano. Useful as a school resource for Country dancing or as a source for adding tunes to your own instrumental repertoire.

£5.00 & £3.75 UK Delivery


Narrative by Ed Rennie

In another time and place, Ed used to sing and play at Folk Clubs and Festivals. And he made a CD of some traditional songs and some not so much. This is it.
Fabulous cover artwork by Lawrence Heath and sensitively recorded by Ralphie Jordan.

£5.00 & £3.75 UK Delivery