The D/G Melodeon Tutor

A step by step guide though the mysteries of playing the D/G Melodeon.  The unique numbering system means that you don’t have to be able to read music to use this book and learn to play (but you might accidently pick up that skill on the way!)
Plain and concise text with clear diagrams and photographs. Also included are a CD of recordings so you can hear how things are supposed to sound and a video clips DVD showing stuff which would take forever to describe.                
£29.75 & £3.75 UK Delivery



The D/G Melodeon Chord Book

Chords on the melody side of your melodeon! Ed Rennie’s unique, intuitive numbering system means you don’t have to be able to read music to use the book. You’ll find chords in every key from A♭ to G shown as simple “where to put your fingers” diagrams.In addition to the chords, there are also numbered diagrams which show the scale for each key and how we might play at least part of them on the D/G melodeon.   £15.75 plus £3.75 UK Delivery


The D/G Melodeon Bass Book

All sorts of clever stuff on just 8 Buttons.
Plain, concise text, clear diagrams and Ed’s numbering system guide you through the mysteries of what’s going on at the grumpy End and the “through the looking glass” world beyond oom-pah.
There is also a tune book in two sections:
Tunes for Solo playing with all the techniques and
Tunes for the Melodeon Ensemble, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.
£15.75 plus £3.75 UK Delivery

The Maypole Manual

This new book, designed for teachers with little or no experience of teaching dance, has the traditional dances are laid out in a clear and easy to follow format with photos, diagrams and a Dance at a Glance feature.

£20.00 plus £3.75 UK Delivery

The Maypole Manual and CD Package

There is also a CD Maypole Manual Music to accompany this book which may be bought separately (see CD page) and as a package with The Maypole Manual for the dicounted price of £30.00 plus £3.75 UK Delivery