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The Maypole Manual Music CD 
Music by Quicksilver with 14 tracks to accompany The Maypole Manual (see Books page)
  1. Cartharsis; 2. West Country Polkas; 3. Jigs with a Twist; 4. Hoedown Maypole;  5. Juicy Barley
  6.  Polka Swing; 7. Irish Waves; 8. Cosgill's Pipes; 9. Sweet May jigs; 10. Ark Lark; 11. Clog Brawle
12.  Washerwoman's Brawle; 13. Sellinger's Round 
 £12 + £2.00 p&p for delivery within the UK
You can also buy this CD and The Maypole Manual together as a package for only £30  plus p&p
(see Books page for details) 

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The Bismarcks ~ Joanna

Three English musicians playing traditional tunes: Ed Rennie on melodeon, Nina Hansell on fiddle and Gareth Kiddier on piano. For 10 years The Bismarcks were in constant demand at dance clubs and festivals working with some of the best callers in the country.
Their experience as dancers themselves and playing for traditional and ritual dancing such as sword and morris shows in their music At times there's an almost mechanical, unstoppable energy to their playing. 
Suffice to say that it's just three people doing what they love to do. That's what makes The Bismarcks' amongst the bounciest, most infectious and best music for English ceilidh dancing.

Ideal for use in schools for maypole and country dancing

£11.99 + £2.00 p&p for delivery within the UK


Banquet of Boxes - A celebration of the English Melodeon

The English Melodeon is central to the Folk Scene

In 1986 an album celebrated English Melodeon Players. A new 21st century CD reveals the amazing heights today's players can reach. These players are just some of the many hundreds who can make the instrument sing.
Featuring Nick Cooke, John Spiers, Dan & Matt Quinn, Saul Rose, Mark Bazeley, Ed Rennie, Simon Bannister, Katie Howson, Andy Cutting, Simon Care,
Simon Ritchie, John Kirkpatrick plus guests.

£11.99 + £2.00 p&p for delivery within the UK


 Narrative Ed Rennie

 A fine album of traditional songs, ballads and tunes with guitar, cittern and melodeon

Green Grow The Laurels; The Cruel Mother; Scan Tester’s Step Dance Tune/Tich’s Reel;

Lord Bateman; Young London Waterman; Wimbourne Valentine; Little House Carpenter;

4th Dragoons March; In Bruton Town; Colin & Phoebe; Umreen Alotus; My Love Is Like

 "This CD really is a breath of fresh air ....." David Kidman - NetRhythms

£10.99 + £2.00 p&p for delivery within the UK 



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