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 The Basingstoke Music Scene in the 1970s Raz Razzle

 The Basingstoke Music Scene in the 1970s is a 326 page excursion through a decade of radical change for a small Hampshire town that had hitherto been known as a place you had to circumnavigate on your way to somewhere else. Raz's book picks up where his previous book (about the town in the 60s) left off. He lists the gigs we went to and has gathered pictures and memories of those half-forgotten days when Status Quo twice packed the Haymarket or when Motorhead twice packed the Tech College. The book traces the local figures buried in the true heart of Basingstoke's 'folk-history' and tries to tell their stories in order to create a portrait of the funny old place we found ourselves growing up in.


Buy The Basingstoke Music Scene in the 1970s for £17.00 & £3.25 p&p for delivery within the UK.

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  The Grumpy End of the standard D/G melodeon is fascinating. Just eight buttons. And yet all manner of clever things can be done with those eight buttons. The question of course is how and that's where this book comes in. The plain and concise text, complemented by clear diagrams, guides you step by step through the mysteries of exactly what's going on with the bass buttons and explores what lies beyond oom-pah. 


Ed Rennie's unique numbering system means you don't have to be able
to read music to use this book (but you might just pick up that skill on the way!)

There is also a tune book in two sections. Firstly some tunes for Solo playing
featuring all the techniques. The second section is something entirely new.
Music for the Melodeon Ensemble, opening up a whole world of possibilities.

 £14.25 + £3.25 p&p for delivery within the UK (P&P for Europe £7.50: USA £10.00: Australia £10.50)

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The D/G Melodeon Chord Book by Ed Rennie foreword by Rees Wesson

This is a chord book for the right hand on your D/G melodeon. You’ll find chords in every key from A♭to G shown as clear simple “where to put your fingers” diagrams. In addition to the chords, there are also numbered diagrams which show the scale for each key and how we might play at least part of them on the D/G melodeon.

And there is also a step by step music theory section explaining how chords are constructed, the three chord trick, scales and key signatures etc. It’s all written in plain and simple layman’s terms with illustrative examples for you to play on the melodeon.

So when someone starts playing a song or tune in a key other than G or D you now have another option apart from putting your melodeon down!  

£14.25 & £3.25 p&p for delivery within the UK (P&P for Europe £7.50: USA £10.00: Australia £10.50)


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The Maypole Manual by Mike Ruff and Jenny Read has full colour pictures and diagrams of 19 different dances of accessible and curriculum-relevant content. The manual also includes further information on the origins and history of maypole dancing, inclusion, links to the wider curriculum, music for musicians to play and much more.

There is also a companion CD (See CD Page) which can be purchased on its own or as part of a package with The Maypole Manual.


Book £20 & £3.25 p&p for delivery within the UK

Book and CD ordered together £30 & £3.75 p&p for Delivery within the UK 

 (Overseas P&P for Book/Book & CD Europe £7.50: USA £10.00: Australia £10.50)

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The Melodeon Tutor is the fruit of 7 years teaching the melodeon to all ages and abilities.
You will be guided,step by step, though the mysteries of playing the DG Melodeon.

Thanks to Ed Rennie’s unique numbering system you don’t have to be able to read music to use the book and learn to play (but you might accidently pick up that skill on the way!)

The plain and concise text is complimented by clear diagrams and photographs. Also included are a CD of recordings so you can hear how things are supposed to sound and a video clips DVD showing various different
techniques which would take forever to describe.

£27.50 plus £3.25 p&p for delivery within the UK (P&P for Europe £7.50: USA £10.00: Australia £10.50)



More books planned, come back and see!